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A Little VC10derness - The Forum

Welcome to this feature on 'A Little VC10derness', the forum!

The forum should open in its own frame. If it didn't open automatically or you closed it by accident, click the image below to open again (Javascript must be enabled for the forum to function properly):

Click here if you have problems running Javascript, or would just like to open the forum in a normal window

The purpose of the forum is to provide visitors with a place where they can leave comments, remarks, messages or notices that they want to share. Yes, I know I also have a guestbook, but the difference is that the forum allows other visitors to reply to your message, leave a new question or continue a discussion. It can also serve as a place to contact other people who are interested in the VC10 or who worked with VC10s.

To use the forum there are several simple steps:

1. Browse the forum

The forum is currently organised into two main sections: VC10 related issues, and website related issues (the Associations corner has been very quiet lately). Under these two headings are several 'forums'. By clicking on a forum title a list of 'threads' or 'topics' opens. Each topic contains the initial message and all the replies that have been submitted. A topic can be opened by clicking on its title.

To return to the main site, close the window with the forum in it, or switch between windows or tabs. The main site will always remain open 'in the background'.

2. Post a topic or reply

If you are registered on the forum, you can post a new topic, or reply to messages in an existing topic.

Reply: At the top or bottom of a topic you will find this button: . Clicking on this button will open a form that asks for the message that you would like to post. After completing the form your message will be added at the end of the topic.

New topic: This button: can be found in every forum and will allow the visitor to post a message which will start a new topic in that forum. The main difference from a reply is that the visitor can specify a title for the topic which will show up in the forum.

3. Register as a user

To post new topics or reply to messages, registering as a user on the forum is needed. By doing this you will be able to post under your (chosen) username, enabling others to recognise you. By registering other users can also contact you easily should you wish to allow this. Registering is free and does not commit you to anything. Any information submitted during the registration process is used only for the purpose of this forum and will not and cannot be used in any other way.

To start the registration process click on the 'Register' link at the top right in the menu. Then click on the appropriate links on the two pages that are presented. This is just a check to make sure that users are of a legal age, and to remind them that some behaviour is not acceptable on forums. On the following screen some basic information needs to be entered. Here you choose a username and password which you will use to sign on to the forums. The last challenge on the page requires you to sort a number of labels into two colums. The process should be straightforward and the question is not very hard to answer. This is implemented to prevent SPAM bots (small pieces of software) registering on the forum and posting commercial links in profiles or messages. By default your e-mail is hidden from other visitors so there is nothing to fear there.

After submitting the information you will receive an e-mail at the address you specified. There is a link in this message that you need to click on to verify your e-mail address. Once this is done you can sign on to the forums and post away!

If you experience problems with any of these steps, please don't hesitate to e-mail me, I'd be happy to help out.

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