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Background pictures

The pictures used as backgrounds for this site were taken from several different VC10 manuals. They were chosen basically to fill an otherwise empty background, so don't expect a complete breakdown of a VC10, but they will provide the interested viewer with quite some information.

Mgear_eaaops.jpg (112070 bytes) The left main gear of the Type 1154 Super VC10, this is representative of the main gear on all types. Image taken from the Operations Manual of East African Airways.
wing_srm.jpg (127537 bytes)

Layout of the wing, taken from the Structural Repair Manual. As this picture shows the wing chord extension it can't be a Type 1101, it doesn't have the type 1103 wing tips and that, in combination with the vortex generators, would make this a type 1151 Super VC10 wing.

slat_MM.jpg (128795 bytes) The slat system as shown in the Maintenance Manual. This is no Type 1101 but there are not enough details to discern which type was used as the basis.
This page from the Operations Manual of East African Airways shows the screw-jack system that hydraulically changes the tailplane incidence setting.
A general arrangement drawing of the vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer from the Maintenance Manual.

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