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History of the VC10

In this section you will find the story of the VC10 from design to it's current use. Pages about individual VC10s, some of which include stories about their, sometimes non-standard, career, have been moved to the Airframes section.

The Vickers / BAC story

Design Background and BOAC

BOAC, Politics and the Vickers 1000

BOAC, Politics and ordering VC10s

BOAC Advertising

Other Operators

Freddie Laker and the VC10

VC10s in RAF service

Victoria Cross Holders

The Falklands War and the VC10

The Tanker Conversions

Incidents and Accidents


The VC10 - 25th Anniversary

The VC10 - 50 years ago

The VC10 at 50 - 29 June 2012

The VC10 - 60th Anniversary

VC10 Timeline

Preserved VC10s - Finally, an overview of surviving VC10s and nose sections

Surviving Bits & Pieces

What could have been, possible VC10 developments:

The Double-deck Super VC10

As a sideline to the VC10's career it might be interesting to glance at the lives of some of its competitors, the other first and second generation four-engined airliners. To start off here is a page about the Soviet competition:

Ilyushin-62 - Soviet marvel or shameless copy? - written by Peter Skipp


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