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I'm not trying to make money from this website, but every little bit helps to keep down the costs. I also figured I'd include some links for those of you looking for a souvenir. This list is not complete in any way, but includes some companies and items that I can recommend. You will find some more options on my links page, although some of them may be outdated (I don't check them every week I'm afraid).

A Little VC10derness Spreadshirt Shop:

Early phone cover prototype on an old iPhone 4S.

I came up with a simple design based on the VC10 logo a few years ago and have used this to create some phone covers that can be printed on demand. I have also used this, as well as a new design, to create two face masks, seeing as the Covid crisis created a demand for them and have added some T-shirts and a bag. I will add more designs as and when I find the time to work on them. Unfortunately most phone covers are no longer in stock, I may have to come up with an alternative, suggestions welcome! Spreadshirt items are printed on demand in Germany and the shipping costs will be adjusted based on this once you select your destination. Available products may also change as Spreadshirt adds or removes particular products.


This company specialises in 'upcycling' small and larger bits of airframe, so that you can own a souvenir from a particular airframe. Some parts are sold as is, but others are cut into key tags or other small souvenirs. Have a look at this page for some photos from my collection, or click on the image above and search for 'VC10' to see what they have to offer.


Another company that buys up bits of aircraft and sells them on as pretty souvenirs. They produced some great Conway compressor blades a few years ago but also produced keytags, keep your eye out for more. See the link with the previous company for examples.

Big Cat Media:

Big Cat Media has an extensive range of T-shirts with both aviation and classic car themes, look in the Aeroclassic range for three VC10 designs (or click here). There is also a BAC themed shirt and many other classic British aircraft types are available. These are high quality prints on a quality garment, highly recommended.

Jetstream Design:

This T-shirt designer has included some very nice designs based on the VC10 shape in his Flying Colours range.

Jet Age Art:

This website offers art posters designed in the style of the Jet Age, including a nice top view of a VC10.


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