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BOAC and BA Brochures

As a follow on from the BOAC Advertising page in the History section this page shows brochures and pamphlets from the BOAC and BA days of the VC10.

For more on this subject have a look at BOAC Advertising

The virtues of the VC10 were certainly praised in those early days: 'the hushed voice of luxury', 'Supercomfortable'.

Amongst other features this brochure points out that the seats, although specially designed for the VC10, were fitted to the 707 as well as the passengers liked them that much.

The interior was certainly comfortable for those days (and perhaps still when compared with the carriers of today), as these images show. The VC10 also graced the cover of the April 1965 BOAC Review.

With the introduction of the 747 BOAC now had the largest as well as the most comfortable aircraft in its fleet. Still the VC10 was a passenger favourite that got its share of the media.

And as times passed by the BOAC livery was changed into British Airways colours, but the glamour of the VC10 didn't fade! Still super-powered and super-comfortable as this brochure shows. The postcards show that the BA fleet by now also included the Concorde, and it would not be long before the older designs would slowly disappear from the BA fleet, they are not forgotten however!

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