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News Archive - 2007/2008

Old times relive at Heathrow Airport

PPRuNe Forums, 11 October 2008

Several posters on forums have noticed that on 11 October 2008 a VC10 was seen at London Heathrow Airport. It arrived from RAF Brize Norton and left for RAF Waddington after a brief stop. There is a photo in the forum thread linked to above.

ZD242 to be retired from operational service

Forum, August 2008

Sometime this next week (23 - 30 August) VC10 K4 ZD242 will make its last ever flight to Boscombe Down. In a break from previous retirements this particular VC10 will not be 'spares recovered' and scrapped, at least not yet. Over a period of several months she will be used in a variety of tests to determine the effects of her long service life on the structure and systems. This will be used to look closely at the effects of ageing aircraft and to see what can be expected for the rest of the VC10 fleet until their planned out of service date (which will be in 2014). The data may also be useful for C130 and Tristar support programs.

VC10 once again features in Queen's birthday flypast

RAF website, June 2008

Today marks the Queen's official birthday and as part of the festivities the RAF will provide a flypast following the traditional Trooping the Colour ceremony. As part of this flypast a VC10 will lead element 4 which also consists of two Tornado F3s and an E-3D Sentry aircraft. More info on the RAF site through the link above.

Some photos here and here (scroll down).

Corgi model hits the shops

Corgi Aviation Archive, December 2007

After a long gestation period the first model of the four proposed VC10 versions by Corgi has hit the shops. Those interested will now be able to purchase the 10Sqn version in 1/144 scale. The hemp-coloured K2, G-ARVM and the BOAC schemed Standard will be available at a later date. For some details see the models page on this site.

VC10 repainting carried out in The Netherlands, December 2007

A trawl on the popular photo website recently turned up some photos of VC10s at Maastricht-Aachen airport, in The Netherlands. As it turns out the RAF is having newly overhauled VC10s repainted at Maastricht Aviation Aircraft Services. The photos below show XV106 turning up for some new paint in late August, and in her new colours two weeks later.

XV106 arriving at Maastricht Airport in need of some new paint
Photo B. van der Velpen via

XV106 looking bright and shiny again
Photo B. van der Velpen via

Fourth VC10 model will be available from Corgi in January 2008

VC10derness forums, September 2007

After the three previously announced models Corgi's new range for 2008 shows a fourth version, an early Standard VC10 in 1964 BOAC colours. The registration is not yet known but the models sports the colour scheme that was carried by the prototype and the early production models which were used in the route proving phase. The model will become available in January 2008 according to the Flying-Tigers Ltd. website.

XV102 celebrates a thousand years of Oxfordshire

R. Lee, September 2007

Oxfordshire has come a long way, according to the Oxfordshire 2007 website. To celebrate the fact that the county was formed 1000 years ago a number of events and celebrations are planned and the 'Dancing Ox' logo of the festive year can be seen in many places. One of those is the tail of VC10 C1K XV102, thus celebrating the link between the VC10, 101 Squadron and the county of Oxfordshire.

The announcement in The Oxford Times, showing the artwork on the tail of ZA147
Image from The Oxford Times via

And the logo itself, but not on ZA147 but painted on C1K XV102
Photo Crown Copyright via R. Lee


VC10 lecture in support of Trident G-AWZK restoration

Classic British Aviation forums, July 2007

The Trident Preservation Society, who looks after Trident G-AWZK now lovingly restored at Manchester, is organizing a lecture in support of 'ZK. The (not yet confirmed) details are:

Date: Saturday 4th August 2007, from 19:00
Topic: Early history of the VC10 in the RAF and current day VC10 operations (two 40 minute sections)
Speaker: A. Townshend (current 101 Sqn VC10 pilot)

Only 50 places are available for this event and a donation will be requested as the aim is to gather funds for the continued upkeep of the Trident. For more information visit this topic at the Classic British Aviation forums.

Aeroplane Monthly will feature VC10 in September issue

Aeroplane Monthly, July 2007

The popular magazine Aeroplane Monthly has a database section each month which showcases a particular type. Although I haven't seen it myself yet the current (August) issue announces that the September issue will have the VC10 as the subject of the database section. I'm certainly looking forward to it!

A Month for Anniversaries

June 2007

G-ARTA's first take off from Brooklands on 29th June 1962
Image copyright BAE SYSTEMS

Somehow this month is one for anniversaries as today (the 29th) it is 45 years ago that VC10 prototype G-ARTA performed the first flight from Brooklands. The image on the right was taken from a BAC publicity brochure and shows this very first take-off from the short runway at the Brooklands airfield. To relive this event visit the page about G-ARTA and find the links to the video shot by Sir George Edwards himself on that day (video courtesy of the Sir George Edwards tribute website).

The second anniversary was a week ago, as on 22 June 1982 VC10 K2 tanker ZA141 flew for the first time from Filton. This makes it 25 years ago that the VC10 got into the tanking business in which it still performs admirably today. To see the announcement made to the British Aerospace workforce visit this page: The Tanker conversions.

The third anniversary is Brooklands itself, birthplace of the VC10, which was established as a motoring circuit exactly 100 years ago, to mark this the 16th June saw a large celebration at the Brooklands Museum. For more about the centenary celebrations visit the website: The centenary of aviation at Brooklands is actually next year, but I couldn't let that spoil a good news item!

101 Squadron to celebrate 90 years of operation

Flypast Magazine, R. Lee, June 2007

In July of this year 101st squadron will have the honour of celebrating 90 years of service. Formed in July 1917 for night-bombing operations over France the squadron has operated a diverse range of aircraft from Royal Aircraft Factory Fe.2bs through Boulton Paul Sidestrands, Vickers Wellingtons, Avro Lancasters, EE Canberras and Avro Vulcans to its current tanking role with Vickers VC10s. Its squadron badge symbolises its fighting spirit and the squadron's pioneering role in the development of the powered gun turret. This badge is already worn with pride by all the 101 Sqn. VC10s, but on the recent RAF Brize Norton Family day VC10 C Mk.1K XV105 was shown with a specially painted tail featuring a large version of the lion over its battlements. Having enjoyed XV104 last year with its commemorative tail artwork, this year we've got XV105 to look forward to at airshows!

More photos can be found through Rick Lee's website or this post in the forums.

Overview of XV105 with its new tail artwork
Photo R. Lee

Close up photo showing the text on the engine nacelles
Photo R. Lee

RAF VC10 fleet to fly on until 2015?

Flight International, January 2007

Delays in the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft program may force the RAF to extend the service life of their VC10 fleet until 2015, according to Flight International. The FSTA project has been the subject of many delays since its inception and if the original schedule had been followed, the FSTA would have appeared on the Brize Norton platform this month! Currently contract negotiations are holding back the participants.

Click here to read the Flight International article, and click here for Flight's Kieran Daly's memories of the VC10.

Re assembly of G-ARVM has started at the Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum, January 2007

On 4th January the first steps were taken to rejoin the fuselage sections of G-ARVM at the Brooklands Museum. A hired crane was used to reposition the forward fuselage section in front of the rear section, in preparation for re-riveting of the dismantled production joint. Also the nose gear wheels were refitted to the airframe. For photos have a look at the G-ARVM page on this site.

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