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ATA-100 breakdown

The ATA-100 system is a numbering system that uses a six-figure number to structure maintenance documentation for aircraft. The first three numbers are assigned by the ATA system with the other three free to use by the airframe manufacturer. The system allows a maintenance technician to look up any relevant information quickly as topics can always be found in the same corner of a particular manual, irrespective of who built the aircraft. The list below sets out the top level ATA-100 chapters for the Vickers VC10. This folded card served as a handy cheat sheet so that the chapter structure was clear. Over time, most users will no doubt remember a lot of these top-level numbers.

Front cover of the folded card.

Airplane effectivity cross reference.

Production line sequence number Aircraft serial number Registration markings Aircraft type
2 805 G-ARVB 1101
3 806 G-ARVC 1101
4 807 G-ARVE 1101
5 808 G-ARVF 1101
6 809 G-ARVG 1101
7 810 G-ARVH 1101
8 811 G-ARVI 1101
9 812 G-ARVJ 1101
10 813 G-ARVK 1101
11 814 G-ARVL 1101
12 815 G-ARVM 1101
1 851 G-ASGA 1151
2 852 G-ASGB 1151
3 853 G-ASGC 1151
4 854 G-ASGD 1151
5 855 G-ASGE 1151
6 856 G-ASGF 1151
7 857 G-ASGG 1151
8 858 G-ASGH 1151
9 859 G-ASGI 1151
10 860 G-ASGJ 1151
11 861 G-ASGK 1151
12 862 G-ASGL 1151
13 863 G-ASGM 1152
15 865 G-ASGO 1152
16 866 G-ASGP 1152
17 867 G-ASGR 1152
  823 9G-ABO 1102

Interesting to see that the last four BOAC Super VC10s are listed as type 1152s. This was supposed to be a version with a main deck freight door, but these were never built. So why were these registrations still listed as such? This card was updated to 1972, by that time they should have realised that these Supers did not have a freight door on their main deck.




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