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VC10 Models

If you want to look at a VC10 the number of places you can go is limited, the next option would be a nice photo on the wall and of course you could also choose a scale model. From a situation where VC10 models were hard to find a few years back the situation has improved dramatically to a range of 1:400, 1:200 and 1:144 models which are readily available. Discontinued models are also shown on this page for completeness.

Kit models:
Airfix 1:144
Frog 1:144
Welsh Models 1:144
Roden / 26 Models 1:144
Airways Vac Form - RAM Models 1:72
Mach2 kit 1:72
Magna Models resin 1:72
Anigrand resin 1:72

Metal scale models:
Heathrow Models
British Classic Aircraft
Skyline Models
Sky Classics
Aero Mini
Gemini Jets
Corgi Aviation Archive
Inflight 500
JC Wings
First Choice

Desktop models
Charlie Bravo models
Bravo Delta models
Atlantic Models
Nice Airplanes

Various other models

Kit Models - Airfix

When the VC10 first emerged model maker Airfix was quick to issue a kit in BOAC colors, but obviously finding an example of that these days will not be easy. I've heard that they sometimes do show up on Ebay, but obviously only for outrageous sums of money. In later years Airfix reissued the kit as a VC10 K2 Tanker, and also as a civil British Airways version. Both kits for some reason lack the large inboard wing fences that are so prominent on the real aircraft, an omission still present in the 2003 re-release!

The first version was kit number SK601, which was released in three versions with the first BOAC colours (see first image below) turning up in 1964, a second version in the revised BOAC scheme in 1966 and a third version with the third BOAC scheme in 1968. In 1973 the kit was re-issued with number 0-4171-3, initially in BOAC colours but in 1975 the livery changed to BA colours as seen on the second image below. A third version of this same kit showed the VC10 in flight instead of during take-off (3rd, 4th and 5th image below).

The first version of the Airfix VC10

When the kit was first re-issued in British Airways colours, the box showed a reworked version of the original image.

This is the second version of the artwork for the British Airways version of the Airfix VC10.
Image courtesy of A. Townshend

The kit will build a Standard BA VC10, several registration options are available
Image courtesy of A. Townshend

The painting instructions for the British Airways livery
Image courtesy of A. Townshend

The original VC10 K2 kit from Airfix

The initial release as a tanker version was based on ZA141's camouflage scheme. Both the original civil and tanker versions are a hard to find item these days, but fortunately for the modellers amongst us the summer of 2003 saw the re-issue of this kit with new artwork and decals. It is now available at a reasonable price, for more details visit the Airfix website and look for model number 04026.

Manufacturer Airfix
Model VC10 K2 Tanker
Scale 1:144
Price £ 8,99
Details Injection-moulded kit

New artwork on the Airfix VC10 K2 kit
Photo J. Hieminga

The contents of the re-released kit
Photo J. Hieminga

A decalset from Two-Six decals and some modifications can turn an Airfix tanker into an early BOAC Standard.
Photo G. Meijer

This same colourscheme has also been released on a Corgi model in the same size.
Photo G. Meijer

Using a Jet Set decal set, David Connolly built this Nigeria Airways liveried G-ARVC model.
Photo D. Connolly

Click here to see how David created this model.

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Kit Models - Frog / Novo

This kit has long been out of production but in its time it was an interesting one as it included working flashing lights! It is a 1:144 scale kit with injection moulded parts and BOAC decals for Super VC10 G-ASGD, G-ASGF and the (then) fictional G-BOAC (this registration was later used by a Concorde). Sometimes it turns up on Ebay for silly prices, apart from that obtaining one will be very difficult. The photos below, showing a finished example, were kindly supplied by Mr. M. Yachad.

This same kit was later reissued by Novo but without the flashing lights.

A Frog 1/144 scale Super VC10.
Image M. Yachad

The instruction sheet below shows some of the painting instructions.
Image M. Yachad

On this image the hatch on the underbelly for the batteries can be seen.
Image M. Yachad

This image shows the contents of the kit as released.

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Kit Models - Welsh Models

The next option is Welsh models. This company produces vacuform kits with additional metal parts, enough material for a good-looking model in the hands of a skilled modeller. If you're only used to injection-moulded kits these kits look daunting, but I've been told that it's not that tricky!

I've found examples of a BOAC Super VC10 and a VC10 K3/K4 Tanker in a local shop, but for more details visit the website I think that 'short body' versions used to exist in their product range, but I'm not sure if they are still available. A striking detail is that the decals for the BOAC version show registrations G-ARVB and G-ASGA, a Standard and a Super! Perhaps the same decal sheet serves both version. The models I've found were numbered SL38A for the BOAC version, and PJW56 for the RAF version. According to the Welsh models website only the RAF K3/K4 Tanker version is currently available (January 2006).

A new search of the Welsh models website shows that kit number SL38 is now available with EAA decals as well as the K3/K4 kit (PJW56). Also there is a new kit number (SL137) which enables you to build a BOAC Super (May 2007).

Manufacturer Welsh Models
Model VC10 K3/K4 Tanker
Scale 1:144
Price £ 24,95
Details Vacuform kit with metal parts

Box artwork for two of the 'Welsh models' kits
Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to the Luchtvaarthobbyshop

The contents of the kit
Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to the Luchtvaarthobbyshop

The finished article (from the Welsh Models website)

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Kit Models - Roden / 26 Models

Ukraine based Roden have produced and issued two 1:144 scale Super VC10 kits in 2015. These contain decals for EAA 5H-MMT and BOAC G-ASGI respectively. Although the Frog kit mentioned above may have inspired this issue, the kit is a new release that should include better detailing. Photos of a test sprue (see below) indicate that parts are included to create a tanker, opening up possibilities of building a K3 or K4 tanker variant. In May 2016 kit #327 was announced which allows you to build K3 ZA149 in two colourschemes. In February 2017 kit #328 was released. This kit includes decals to create K4 ZD241 as it is preserved at Bruntingthorpe airfield.

From 2016 on this kit has also been sold in a new box labeled '26 Models' with decals provided by 26 Decals. This new version allowed you to build a Super VC10 in the British Airways 'negus' colourscheme. In 2017 a second version from 26 Models turned up, this time with decals for the BOAC Golden Speedbird scheme.

Manufacturer Roden
Model Super VC10
Scale 1:144
Price £ 25,00 approx.
Details Resin kit

Photo Roden

Photo Roden

Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to the Aviation Megastore

Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to the Aviation Megastore

Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to the Aviation Megastore

Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to the Aviation Megastore

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Kit Models - Airways Vac Form - RAM Models 1:72

Apparently, as I found out through a search on Ebay, there is a 1:72 scale kit for a VC10. I've only been able to find the images below which shows an Airways Vac Form kit for a RAF C Mk.1 version in the grey/white scheme. I'm guessing that this is an old kit which is not available anymore through regular channels.

Images from

In March 2015 RAM Models announced that they had purchased the tooling for the old Airways kits and would reissue them, starting with the 1:72 scale VC10. Following on from their 1:144 scale decalsheet they have decided to offer four versions of the kit, three of which feature one of the 'Anniversary' schemes that the VC10 carried while the fourth one is a white/grey 10 Squadron version. Others might follow. Each kit includes two moulded styrene sheets, clear moulding for the cockpit and white metal undercarriages and wheels. Full decals for the scheme are included. Pre-orders can be placed on their site, the kits are expected to be in the shops by the end of February 2016.

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Mach 2 kit 1:72

In 2019 French kit producer Mach2 released a VC10 kit in three different versions. This is an injection moulded kit, which is a first for this scale, but with some caveats. Photos taken at the Telford ModelWorld show that the nose profile is more Tristar than VC10, although buyers should of course judge for themselves. The larger scale means that there is more plastic to work with, so perhaps the flaws can be adjusted by a skilled builder.

The options are all Standard VC10s, you can choose from a BOAC version, or a K2 tanker in either low viz grey colours or the unique camouflaged ZA141 version. At this time, the kits are available to pre-order from Hannants, with release dates in January 2020 mentioned, although they were for sale at the Telford show.

GP106 - VC10 K2 Camouflaged

GP107 - VC10 K2 Low viz grey

GP108 - Standard VC10 BOAC

The BOAC Standard version of the Mach2 1/72 scale kit.
Photo R. Wheatstone

And the camouflaged VC10 K2 version.
Photo R. Wheatstone

It's a big box.
Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to

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Magna Models resin 1:72 VC10

Kit number MAG9072 will set you back a bit in funds but it will build you a 1:72 scaled VC10 C.Mk.1 K with decals for XV103 'Edward Mannock VC'. The kit was first released in 2007 and quickly sold out, as it is currently (October 2008) listed on many sites as available I take it that it has been re-released since. It is a resin kit which includes some white metal parts as well, because of this it is suited for the more experienced modeller.

Manufacturer Magna Models
Model VC10 C.Mk.1K Tanker
Scale 1:72
Price £ 99,99
Details Resin kit

Box artwork from Magna Models
Photo Charlie

The contents of the kit, a Gemini 1/400 Standard VC10 is shown for scale
Photo Charlie

Another photo of the contents and decals
Photo Charlie

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Anigrand resin 1:72 VC10

Anigrand's #AA-2096 kit is an impressive set of parts that will enable you to build VC10 K2 tanker ZA141. Reviews of the kit's accuracy have been mixed. I have not been able to get a close look at one of these kits and cannot offer any comments on the looks myself. Let me know if you have experience with this model.

Manufacturer Anigrand
Model VC10 K2 Tanker
Scale 1:72
Price $ 148
Details Resin kit

Contents of the Anigrand kit
Photo Anigrand craftswork

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Kit Models - Accessories

Apart from building a kit model as per the included instructions, various firms offer additional parts and decals to create an individual favourite scheme or version.

Conversion parts:

To improve the detailing of your kit, or to convert it to a different version, Bra.Z Models offers a few resin kits with VC10 parts.

The full conversion set includes fuselage plugs (bottom right), engine nacelles and wing leading edges.
Photo J. Hieminga

These parts are also available as separate kits if you only need nacelles or Super wings.
Photo J. Hieminga
Item number Producer Description
BZ4039 Bra.Z Models Replacement engines Standard VC10
BZ4040 Bra.Z Models Replacement engines Super VC10
BZ4041 Bra.Z Models Replacement wing leading edges Standard/Super VC10
BZ4042 Bra.Z Models Standard to Super VC10 conversion set

Air-Graphics is working on some replacements parts for the Mach 2 1:72 scale VC10 kit.

Item number Producer Description
AC-244 Air Graphics Wheel set


Decal sheets for 1:72 and 1:144 scale kits have been produced by F-DCAL, 26 Decals and RAM Models. I've also listed decals by S&M models but have been unable to find an webpage showing them. All decal sheets are for 1:144 scale models unless marked otherwise. Some of the links below may not work anymore, apologies for that!

Photo J. Hieminga, decals kindly provided by RAM Models

Item number Producer Description
RAM 144-001 RAM Models Anniversary schemes, XR808, XV102, XV104 and XV105, see photo above.
FD14453 F-DCAL Omani Royal VC10
FD14458 F-DCAL Gulf Air Golden Falcon
FD14500 F-DCAL Ghana Airways VC10
FDS14011 F-DCAL BOAC Standard VC10 Golden Speedbird
FDS14012 F-DCAL BOAC Standard VC10
FDS14017 F-DCAL RAF '40 years'
FDS14018 F-DCAL Transport Command XV106
FDS14043 F-DCAL RAF K3 Tanker (Hemp scheme)
FDS14044 F-DCAL RAF K4 Tanker (Hemp scheme)
FDS14045 F-DCAL RAF K2 Tanker (Hemp scheme)
FDS14046 F-DCAL RAF 101 Sqn C.Mk.1K Tanker (includes 'Oxfordshire' tail)
FDS14047 F-DCAL RAF 101 Sqn '90 years'
A144-023 NH Detail Etched detail set for use with Roden kits.
72-66 TwoSixDecals RAF 101 Sqn '90 years' (1/72 scale!)
144-82 TwoSixDecals RAF C Mk.1
144-90 TwoSixDecals RR RB211 testbed (G-AXLR)
144-117 TwoSixDecals BOAC Standard early (gold) scheme
144-141 TwoSixDecals RAF '40 years'
144-285 TwoSixDecals United Arab Emirates
144-288 TwoSixDecals RAF 101 Sqn '90 years'
STS4407 TwoSixDecals British United
STS4409 TwoSixDecals British Caledonian
STS4413 TwoSixDecals BOAC late scheme Standard VC10
STS4423 TwoSixDecals British Airways Standard and Super VC10
STS4458 TwoSixDecals Gulf Air (early)
STS4459 TwoSixDecals Gulf Air (Late)
sm44-07 S&M Models Sierra Leone
sm44-26 S&M Models Air Malawi
sm44-47 S&M Models RAE
sm44-60 S&M Models BOAC early
sm44-61 S&M Models British Airways
sm44-82 S&M Models Nigeria Airways
sm44-128 S&M Models British United early scheme
sm44-129 S&M Models British United late scheme
sm44-130 S&M Models BOAC late
sm44-160 S&M Models RAF early camo and black scheme
sm44-220 S&M Models MEA
sm44-221 S&M Models Ghana Airways
Sheet 9 Welsh Models BOAC (not available anymore)
Sheet 21 Welsh Models BOAC (see kit no. SL137)

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Metal Scale Models - Heathrow Models

For the less-skilled enthusiast or those that appreciate the aesthetics of metal models there are other options that provide instant results. A good place to start if you are in the UK is the Collectors Aircraft Models shop which can be found at Heathrow Airport. This shop specialises in aircraft models and usually stocks VC10 models from various manufacturers. All models can be ordered through their website at - Website dead as the shop closed in 2011.

Update (January 2006): Judging by the CAM shop website this range of models is no longer available. I suspect that the 'Skyline models' range of VC10s which is currently being sold is a rebranded version of the Heathrow Models VC10 and Super VC10.

The first manufacturer is 'Heathrow Models'. These 1:200 scale models were available in several civil and RAF liveries.

Manufacturer Heathrow Models
Model Standard / Super VC10
Scale 1:200
Price £ 109,95
Details Metal scale model
Website CAM shop - Website dead as the shop closed in 2011
Some of the options available from Heathrow Models

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Metal Scale Models - British Classic Aircraft

Update (January 2006): Judging by the CAM shop website this range of models is no longer available. I have not been able to find another source for these models.

The second manufacturer is British Classic Aircraft, also available from the Collectors Aircraft Models shop. These larger models (about 45cm / 18inch) are made to be displayed on a desktop stand and are available in three civil liveries.

Manufacturer British Classic Aircraft
Model Standard / Super VC10
Scale 1:100
Price £ 299,50
Details Metal scale model
Website CAM shop - Website dead as the shop closed in 2011

A desktop model from British Classic Aircraft in British United colors

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Metal Scale Models - Skyline Models

The abovementioned Heathrow models seems to be out of business, with their place taken over by Skyline models. A range of 20 different civil and military liveries are available on both Super and Standard VC10s in 1:200 scale. For more information see the CAM shop website through the link below and search for 'VC-10' (please note that the hyphen, although incorrect, needs to be used here to get the wanted results).

Manufacturer Skyline Models
Model Standard / Super VC10
Scale 1:200
Price £ 129,95 (RAF versions are £ 139,95)
Details Metal scale model
Website CAM shop - Website dead as the shop closed in 2011
A selection of the Skyline Models VC10 range


VC10 type Version
Vickers VC10 Standard (K2) Tanker   Royal Air Force 101 Sq. (Camouflaged)  
Vickers VC10 Standard   Air Malawi 
Vickers VC10 Standard   BOAC 
Vickers VC10 Standard   British Airways (Red tail) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   British Caledonian 
Vickers VC10 Standard   British United 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Ghana Airways (Early colours) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Ghana Airways (Last colours) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Ghana Airways (Later colours) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Gulf Air (Early colours) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Nigeria Airways (Later Colours) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Nigeria Airways (Original Colours) 
Vickers VC10 Standard   Sultan of Oman 
Vickers VC10 Standard   United Arab Emirates 
Vickers VC10 Standard (C1)  Royal Air Force 10 Sq. (White and grey) 
Vickers VC10 Standard (C1) Royal Air Force 101 Sq. (90th Anniversary)
Vickers VC10 Standard (K2) Tanker  Royal Air Force 101 Sq. (Hemp) 
Vickers VC10 Standard (K2) Tanker   Royal Air Force 101 Sq. (40th Anniversary) 
Vickers VC10 Super   BOAC 
Vickers VC10 Super   British Airways (Red tail) 
Vickers VC10 Super   East African Airways 
Vickers VC10 Super (K3) Tanker  Royal Air Force 101 Sq. (Grey) 


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Metal Scale Models - Sky Classics

Heathrow models and Skyline models were 1:200 scale models produced by a small shop that was in some way related to the CAM shop that used to be at Heathrow Airport. The moulds were later picked up by SMTS Models who have just (2016) released several types with some additional details and a new satin paint finish. The company offers its models through an Ebay shop (see website below) but they can also be obtained through Aviation Retail Direct. As these are UK produced models, the prices are a bit higher than the JC Wings models for example, but the original models were quite nice and Sky Classics have chosen to release some of the less obvious liveries such as the Omani VC10, Nigeria Airways, Ghana Airways and an EAA Super VC10.

Manufacturer SMTS Models - Sky Classics
Model Standard / Super VC10
Scale 1:200
Price £ 169,95
Details Metal scale model
Website SMTS Models site

These photos show three options available from Sky Classics.
Photos via Aviation Retail Direct / Sky Classics

Some photos of the models in the Aviation Retail Direct shop. Looking at these models in real life, I did notice some areas where the shape of the model is a bit off.
Photos J. Hieminga with thanks to Aviation Retail Direct / Sky Classics

In 2018 Aviation Retail Direct announced a list of new VC10 models on their Facebook page. Click on the link to see the photos. Judging by these photos there are still some issues with incorrect wing fences for the specific type, and I can also see some strangely positioned doors, cheatlines and cockpit windows. On the other hand, these are heavy, large, metal models and the quality of the printing and painting is very good. There aren't all that many VC10 models in this size, so if you're into 1:200 scale models, you may need to accept some shortcomings.

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Metal Scale Models - Aero Mini

Around 1973 the company Aero Mini produced VC10 models produced in Japan by Masudaya. In 2003 I was able to take the photos below of an example that was then for sale at the local Aviation Megastore. The scale is approximately 1:250 and the model features a retractable undercarriage. I guess that examples might be available on the collector's market but they would be pricy.

This die-cast model is approx. 25 cm long and although showing its age is in perfect condition

The Aero-Mini logo is shown just in front of the retractable (!) undercarriage

Models came packaged in this box

Photos J. Hieminga, with thanks to Marcel v/d Willik

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Metal Scale Models - Gemini Jets

In October 2006 Gemini Jets announced that they would add the Super VC10 to their 1:400 scale model range with a BA and EAA Super VC10. The models are: British Airways Super VC10 G-ASGP and East African Airways Super VC10 5H-MOG. Both modeled in 1:400 scale from metal and priced at $29,95 each, this will give you a model which is just over 13 cm long (5 inch). These models should now be available from your trusted aircraft model retailer.

The list of November/December releases also saw the addition of RAF C Mk.1 XV104 in the '40 years' anniversary livery, and BOAC Standard VC10 G-ARVH.

Manufacturer Gemini Jets
Model Standard/Super VC10
Scale 1:400
Price $ 29,95
Details Metal scale model
Website Gemini Jets website


Images from Gemini Jets website

In 2007-2008 the list of available Gemini Jets VC10s has expanded rapidly. All released and/or announced models in 1:400 scale are listed below:

Gemini Jets model number Standard/Super Airline Registration
GJEAF685 Super 5H-MOG
GJBAW686 Standard G-ARVM
GJBAW687 Standard G-ARVH
GJGHA689 Standard 9G-ABO
GJNGA690 Standard 5N-ABD
GJGFA691 Standard A4O-VI
GJGFA692 Standard A4O-VL
GJBUA693 Standard G-ASIX
GJBCA694 Standard G-ARTA
GJMEA695 Standard OD-AFA
GJAML700 Standard 7Q-YKH
GMRAF022 Standard XV105 (90 years anniversary scheme)
GMRAF023 Standard XV104 (40 years anniversary scheme)
GMRAF034 Super ZD241
GMRAF035 Standard XR808 (RAF Air Support Command titles)
GMRAF036 Standard XX914 RAE colours
GMRAF037 Standard ZA141 camouflage colours
GMRAF061 Standard XR808 (anniversary scheme)

For a while they also listed a 1:250 scale British Airways Super VC10 model. This was the result of a project where Corgi and Gemini would work together on a VC10 model in this scale but this never progressed beyond a pre-production model.

A few photos of the Standard and Super VC10 models are shown below. Of interest is the fact that the XR808 model shown in the third set of photos seems to have been produced using the tooling from the Jet-X 1:400 scale VC10s. The details on the wings and tail are different between the G-ASIX model and the XR808 one. Further down the page are photos of A4O-AB and G-ARVM from Jet-X, comparing these it is obvious that the same tooling produced XR808 for Gemini. The fourth set of photos shows a model of XV104 with its '40 years' commemorative tail art. While the finish is a bit glossy, the detail on the model is very good, including nicely proportioned wing pods, a SRIM antenna as well as clear and precise markings. This model obviously came out of the same (modified) mould as the G-ASIX model.

In 2015 Gemini issued a single 1:200 scale VC10, XR808 in the anniversary colourscheme that she last flew in. Unfortunately this otherwise great looking model sported a major flaw in that the mould included a centerline hose-drum unit which was never installed on a C1K model. On a model in this scale this hump beneath the rear fuselage is quite prominent. Gemini shares the use of the JC Wings mould and used it to produce this model.

Gemini Jets model number Standard/Super Airline Registration
G2RAF416 Standard XR808 (anniversary scheme - 1:200 scale)

These photos show the 1:200 scale XR808 model from Gemini. Although very detailed and good looking, the incorrect centreline HDU under the rear fuselage is a significant flaw.

Photos J. Hieminga with thanks to Diecast Trading

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Metal Scale Models - Corgi Aviation Archive

Ever since Corgi started their Aviation Archive range, they have been a favourite to produce a VC10 model. Next to their Britannia and 707 models in 1:144 scale, a VC10 certainly wouldn't look out of place. Sadly though this took a long time before it happened.

In the 2004 catalogue a hopeful note was added at the end, announcing a VC10 model by mid-2005. This was partly due to their brief partnership with Gemini, who were already producing metal models in 1:400 scale and were adding the 1:250 scale to their range. Looking at their DC-8 models in this scale they would certainly have been a good choice for this task but the model never got beyond prototype stage.

In 2006 Corgi released a VC10 model in their Corgi Collectable '100 years of flight' collection. This range is designed to a generic size, rather than a set scale, which means that the Hawker Hurricane is larger than the VC10. The model itself is available in BOAC and RAF C Mk.1 colours and has a wingspan of 96 millimeters. For 2006 British Caledonian and RAF C1K (gray scheme) versions are added. Images taken from the 2006 brochure have been added below. It is worth noting that these models suffer from some very course detailing, and due to their size and this fact are perhaps nearer the 'toy' range than the serious collector's range. In 2015 XR808 was also added to this range.

Manufacturer Corgi
Model Standard VC10
Scale ? (96 mm wingspan)
Price ?
Details Metal scale model
Website Corgi Aviation Archive

Image copyright Corgi

Image copyright Corgi

In 2006 this situation changed with the news emerging that Corgi would be issuing a 1:144 scale VC10 model. Although unofficial, the Tricatus website had preview photos available in October of a VC10 model in the 1:144 range. At first this model would be available in three different guises with release dates spread throughout 2007. The first three models are:

  • XV107, VC10 C.Mk.1, RAF Brize Norton, Falklands 25th Anniversary (production run limited to 1810 models)

  • ZA140, VC10 K.Mk.2, RAF Brize Norton, Military Air Power (production run limited to 1054 models)

  • G-ARVM, Standard VC10, British Airways, BA Heritage Collection (production run limited to 754 models)

The inclusion of G-ARVM as part of the BA Heritage collection seemed bit odd to me as the former British Airways collection at RAF Cosford had just fallen apart amidst cries of protest from many supporters, and 'VM itself had just been partially scrapped, with the fuselage saved and moved to Brooklands. On the other hand this model is a fitting tribute to this great airliner.

In late 2007 the first of the line, XV107 as detailed above, is available in the shops and news emerged that the fourth model would be:

  • G-ARVA, Standard VC10, early 1962 BOAC colours (production run limited to 1000 models)

This one and the other two models would become available later in 2008 but by June 2008 they hadn't appeared yet.

A bit more info about these models, since the first one (XV107) hit the shops a few problems came to light. There appeared to be some problems with the moulds and also decals detailing the doors were left off. Early models have had these reapplied but the Union Jack on the front door was misaligned because of this. By November 2008 Corgi was busy sorting these issues which delayed the release of the other models.

The winter catalogue for 2008-2009 saw a fifth model announcement in the shape of a VC10 in current grey 101 Sqn colours. This same model was canceled again in January 2009 because of low customer order numbers. The positive side of this is that the other three yet unreleased models apparently will make it to the shops and at the end of February 2009 the K.2 Tanker and G-ARVM became available.

Manufacturer Corgi
Model Standard/Super VC10
Scale 1:144
Price £ 79,99
Details Metal scale model
Website Corgi Aviation Archive

Images from

The problems that plagued the first model (XV107) meant that Corgi had to rethink their tooling on these models and that, coupled with some manufacturing problems and a new owner for the company meant that there has been quite a delay. Now that the re-tooled model is in the shops we can have a look at the results. So what has been done? The nose of the model no longer has an insert containing the windows, these are now painted on. This means that there is no joint line around the cockpit windows anymore which for me distracted from the overall image. The panel lines are not very subtle but the overall effect isn't bad. On photos of the pre-production models the tunnel housing the centreline hose on the tanker was present (even on the civil versions) but on the released ZA140 model this has been removed again and the centreline hose position is now painted on. A shame as this is a structural feature on the tankers that although hidden below the tail and therefore not often viewed is still an important part of the task of this aircraft. Also the ZA140 model has a few problems in the paintjob: the forward freight hold door is on the wrong side and there is an extra window painted on the front cabin door which shouldn't be there. Also the underwing pods have a hemp coloured nose with the rest being grey while the pods should reflect the paintjob on the fuselage with hemp on top and grey below.

The model of G-ARVM looks quite nice, there seems a bit less detail on this model (which is logical as there are no external pods or refuelling probes on this version) and the overall finish is quite glossy. There are no major mistakes on the detailing, if I had to point something out then it would be the lack of freight hold doors but this doesn't distract from the overall look.

Three images of the ZA140 model
Photos J. Hieminga

More images of the BA and BOAC models
Photos J. Hieminga

In May 2009 the fourth model, G-ARVA in early BOAC colours has been released and apparently the decision not to issue the 101 Sqn version has been reversed. It has been released in december 2009 in a limited production run of 1000 models. Pre-production model photos can be found on Tricatus, the Unofficial Aviation Archive. The BOAC model looks very good, there are no mistakes that I can find on this model. Similar to the BA version, the cargo doors are not printed on but while this is a shame, the overall look of the model doesn't suffer from it. Comparing the model to photos of the early VC10 colours shows that the prototype G-ARTA (see photos on this page) had different stencils around the passenger doors but apparently these were changed on G-ARVA as photos in several books show.

AA37001 VC10 C1 XV107 No.10 Squadron June 1982
AA37002 VC10 G-ARVM 1970s BA Red Tail colours
AA37003 VC10 K2 ZA140 No.101 Squadron 1991 - Hemp colourscheme
AA37004 VC10 G-ARVA 1964 development colours
AA37005 VC10 C1 XV105 No.101 Squadron 2007 - Grey colourscheme

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Metal Scale Models - Inflight 500

This line has offered Super VC10 models of an EAA and BOAC aircraft in 1:500 scale. A British Airways Super VC10 became available in spring 2008.

Manufacturer Inflight 500
Model Super VC10
Scale 1:500
Price $ 18,00
Details Metal scale model
Website Inflight 500 site (site seems to be down)
A015-IF5SUVC001 East African Airways 5H-ADA
A015-IF5SUVC002 East African Airways 5X-UVJ
A015-IF5SUVC003 East African Airways 5Y-MOG
A015-IF5SUVC004 BOAC (1968) G-ASGB
A015-IF5SUVC005 BOAC (1965) G-ASGA
A015-IF5SUVC006 BA (1980) G-ASGF
A015-IF5SUVC007 BOAC/Cunard G-ASGC

1:500 version of Super VC10 5H-MOG.
Photo J. Hieminga

1:500 version of Super VC10 5H-MOG.
Photo J. Hieminga

A limited edition version was produced for the 2007 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg.
Photo J. Hieminga

1:500 version of Super VC10 G-ASGB.
Photo J. Hieminga

A comparison of the 1:500 Supers from Herpa (left) and Inflight 500 (right) shows that the moulds are pretty similar, if not the same, but the printing shows some differences.
Photo J. Hieminga

The colours on the Herpa (left) and Inflight 500 (right) models are actually similar, the darker blue is due to the lighting on this photo.
Photo J. Hieminga

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Metal Scale Models - AeroClassics

This brand focuses on 1:400 scale diecast models of older airliner types and they have produced VC10 models on and off throughout their history. Currently the VC10 models are showing as 'sold out' on the company's website, the model range consists mainly of BOAC and BA schemed examples with some small runs of small airlines also having been produced. Information on the various models is shown in the table below or on their website.

Photos J. Hieminga

Manufacturer AeroClassics
Model Standard/Super VC10
Scale 1:400
Price ?
Details Metal scale model
Website AeroClassics site (site appears to be down)
AeroClassics model number Standard/Super Airline Registration
ACMEA018 Standard MEA OD-AFA
ACNGA019 Standard Nigeria Airways G-ARVC
ACGFA016 Standard Gulf Air G-ARVL
ACBAWXXX Standard British Airways G-ARVM
ACGHA020 Standard Ghana Airways 9G-ABO
ACBCA002 Standard BCal G-ASIW
ACGASGA Super BOAC G-ASGA (early BOAC colours)
ACGASGA Super BAC G-ASGA (BAC prototype colours)
ACGASGC Super BOAC G-ASGC (first BOAC colours)
ACGASGG Super British Airways G-ASGG (interim colours)
ACGASGH Super British Airways G-ASGH
ACGASGI Super British Airways G-ASGI
ACGASGJ Super British Airways G-ASGJ
ACGASGM Super British Airways G-ASGM
ACGASGR Super British Airways G-ASGR
ACGASGP Super British Airways G-ASGP

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Metal Scale Models - JetX

This brand offers a 1:400 scale model of a RAF Standard VC10 in the grey scheme. Their website doesn't offer much info but apparently a hemp coloured K2 will also become available. Briefly in 2007 they also supplied a model of Omani A4O-AB but that one probably sold out rather quickly as I am not able to find it again in the shops. In 2008 the product line was extended with a line of RAF Tankers in various schemes and Ghana Airways aircraft. Details are in the tables below.

The quality and finishing of these models is similar to Gemini Jets but because of smaller production runs the prices are a bit higher.

Manufacturer Jet-X
Model Standard/Super VC10
Scale 1:400
Price $ 35,00
Details Metal scale model
Website (Website down)

Jet-X model number Standard/Super Airline Registration
JX401 Standard RAF XV108 (some incorrectly marked as SV108, see below)
JET402 Standard Oman government A4O-AB
JX404 Standard RAF ZA140
JX405 Standard RAF ZA142
JX406 Standard RAF ZA144
JX407 Standard RAF XV101
? Standard RAF XV102
JX409 Standard RAF XV104
JX410 Standard RAF XV107
JX411 Standard RAF XR808
JX432 Standard RAF XV102 (Oxfordshire tail)
JX433 Standard RAF XV105 (90yrs 101 Sqn)
JX433-G Standard RAF XV105 (90yrs) with gold coloured fuselage
JET413 Standard Ghana Airways 9G-ABO (small logo)
JET414 Standard Ghana Airways 9G-ABO (large logo)
JET415 Standard Ghana Airways 9G-ABP
JX416 Standard Ghana Airways 9G-ABO
JX479a Standard RAF ZA140 (with nose art)
JX479b Standard RAF ZA143
JX554 Standard RAF ZA141 (camo)
JET418 Standard RAe XX914
JET418-G Standard RAe XX914 with gold coloured fuselage
JETBA011 Standard BA G-ARVM (hybrid BA/BOAC scheme)


An example of one of the incorrectly marked models. The registration should be XV108 of course.

Three images showing the details on the Jet-X A4O-AB model in 1:400 scale.

Photos J. Hieminga

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Metal Scale Models - JC Wings

In 2008, JC Wings became a new player in the 1:200 scale market. They released a model in this interesting scale at a very affordable price which made it a serious competitor. There were two variants as detailed below. The news was not all good though, initial images from forums here and here showed a model with various mistakes (extra doors, doors in the wrong places, details from different versions) and a set of aerials that appeared to be in a completely different scale. My initial impression from seeing some photos was that the tail was a bit too large for the airframe.

Later on I had the opportunity to get to see one of these models for myself. My personal opinion is that while you get a decent model for a decent price, I wouldn't choose to get one myself (2021 update: proved myself wrong here... see photos below). It looks like a VC10 from a distance and the markings on it are quite good but as you keep looking at it a feeling remains that it's just not quite right. The nose could be a Boeing shape with different windows on it and the sweep of the tail doesn't look right. The engine nacelles lack detail and are too thin at the exhaust end and there is an extra cargo door on the rear RH side which shouldn't be there (not on all the printing variants). Just my two cents of course, make sure to get a good look at the model yourself and make up your mind before buying. Several different schemes were released between 2008 and 2012.

In 2020 JC Wings announced a new addition to the line-up, a G-ARVF model in 1963 colours, which is a re-issue of JC2198 with minor changes. Available from January 2021 on. In March 2021 a new model showing G-ARVM in its mixed BOAC/BA scheme was announced. The newer JC Wings models are supposed to be better than the initial versions, and the price has gone up a bit as well. Photos (see below) show that it is a good looking model but it lacks the full-chord outboard fence which is a minor error. Based on the box art for the G-ARVM model, I am also expecting a full BA liveried model of Standard G-ARVJ to emerge in due course (numbered JC2375).

Manufacturer JC Wings
Model Standard VC10
Scale 1:200
Price Approx. £45 (initial release) £89,95 (2020 reissue)
Details Metal scale model
Website available through Aviation Megastore and Diecast Trading


Two photos showing a British Caledonian version of the JC Wings model, note the large aerials.
Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to M. v/d

JC Wings model number Standard/Super Airline Registration
JC2010 Standard BOAC G-ARVC
JC2019 Standard RAe XX914
JC2034 Standard BCal G-ARTA
JC2035 Standard BUA/BCal G-ARTA
JC2083 Standard RAF XR807
JC2123 Super BOAC G-ASGC
JC2198 Standard BOAC G-ARVF
JC2GFA028 / JC2047 Standard Gulf Air A4O-VI
JC2BAW003 / JC2063 Super British Airways G-ASGF
JC2BCA020 Standard BCal G-ARTA
JC2BUA195 Standard BUA G-ASIW
JC2196 Standard RAF XV101 (Gray)
JC2197 Standard RAF XV104 (40 years red tail)
JC2199 Standard RAF XV105 (90 years black tail)
JC2373 Standard RAF G-ARVM (mixed BOAC/BA colours)
JC2376 Standard BOAC G-ARVF (1963 colours)
BK1045 Standard n/a Blank model


The 2020 reissue for this model comes with a stand, I don't know if the original issue had one.
Photo JC Wings via Diecast Trading

The JC Wings mould produces a good looking model.
Photo JC Wings via Diecast Trading

The straight wing leading edge was only present on BOAC's Standard VC10s, but for this type the outboard wing fence should have been a full-chord one.
Photo JC Wings via Diecast Trading

The details and printing quality of the model are quite good.
Photo J. Hieminga

The alignment of the printed airbrakes appears to be slightly skewed when compared with the moulded flaps.
Photo J. Hieminga

The box hints at a BA schemed G-ARVJ version.
Photo J. Hieminga

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Metal Scale Models - First Choice

I do not know much about this manufacturer but they've had a 1:200 scale model of an RAF K2 Tanker out for a while now (model number FC-VC1010). It seems to be a reasonably priced model at this scale but photos on Tricatus show a slightly odd colour and some over-engineered aerials. Also the tail shape seems to be off. You get what you pay for in this department I guess.

Manufacturer 1st Choice
Model Standard VC10
Scale 1:200
Price Approx. £ 45
Details Metal scale model
Website ?

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Metal Scale Models - Herpa

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the VC10's first flight Herpa issued a 1:500 scale model of the Super VC10 in BOAC/Cunard colours. The registration is G-ASGC, currently preserved at Duxford. There is one small error on this model: the cheatline curves down and disappears underneath the fuselage but should end in one point on the centerline. On the model it ends in two points each side of the nose gear. An earlier version of this same model from 2009 (exclusively for Wingsclub members) had a correct cheatline, in this case it also depicts G-ASGC, but with the interim British Airways titles over the BOAC colourscheme.

In December 2013 Herpa issued a special Christmas version of one of their models, as they do each year, and it turned out to be a VC10. This may not be everyone's cup of tea and I personally don't think that the VC10's lines are enhanced by the colourscheme.

Have a look above at the Inflight 500 listing for a comparison between two 1:500 scale models.

The 2009 Wingsclub edition Super VC10 in interim colours.
Photo J. Hieminga

The 2009 Wingsclub edition Super VC10 in interim colours.
Photo J. Hieminga

The box of this limited edition model.
Photo J. Hieminga

Both versions of Herpa's Super VC10 model together. This shows that the radome on the 2009 version is too light.
Photo J. Hieminga

Herpa's 2012 model of Super VC10 G-ASGC.
Photo J. Hieminga

The 1:500 Herpa 2013 Christmas special VC10.
Photo J. Hieminga with thanks to Aviation Center Berlin

Manufacturer Herpa
Model Super VC10
Scale 1:500
Price Approx. €25
Details Metal scale model
Website ?
Herpa model number Standard/Super Airline Registration
515894 (Wingsclub exclusive, 2300 units) Super British Airways G-ASGC (interim colours)
523684 Super BOAC/Cunard G-ASGC
524513 Super Fantasy Christmas 2013 n/a

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Desktop Models - Charlie Bravo Models

Although mainly French oriented, this company also offers mahogany desktop models in 1:72 scale of the VC10. So far three options have been shown on the Aviation Megastore website: BOAC, British Airways or EAA Super VC10. These models are fully painted and assembled and come with a display stand.

Manufacturer Charlie Bravo Models
Model Super VC10
Scale 1:72
Price Approx. $ 280,00
Details Wooden desktop model
Website Aviation Megastore

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Desktop Models - Bravo Delta Models

This company offers high quality hand-crafted wooden display models, fully painted and with a display stand. The models are hand carved from mahogany and then hand painted. Any scale or scheme is possible and the level of detail is also customisable according to the client's wishes. Creating a Bravo Delta Model will take between 10 and 12 weeks as up to 35 coats of paint are applied after carving. Retailers are listed on their website but clients are advised to contact the company direct, particularly if they have special wishes.

Manufacturer Bravo Delta Models
Model Standard or Super VC10
Scale Any scale as required
Price £179.00 - £299.00 (based on 18 inch fuselage)
Details Mahogany desktop model


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Desktop Models - Atlantic Models

Visitor R. Brown sent me a message with photos of a model he bought from Atlantic Models. It is made from solid resin with decals in 1:100 scale and includes such small details as windscreen wipers.

Photos copyright R. Brown

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Desktop Models - Nice Airplanes

Another option for a desktop model would be to get in touch with Nice Airplanes Ltd. This company offers a large range of models and they have a special page displaying a number of VC10 models in civil and RAF colours. The models are approximately 45 cm in length and will set you back some 150 pounds. But for that sum you will get a solid wood model with a detailed colourscheme and various small details.

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Various Other Models

If the options above don't satisfy you, we'll move on to the next step. A real eyecatcher would be an old (restored would be best) travel agent model. These cannot be bought outright, you'll have to look on Ebay or deal with another collector to get one. The photo below shows an example, with some details. Westway used to build these in large numbers and in several scales for use by travel agents and the airlines themselves. Several thousand were built in 1/72nd scale, about 200 in 1/24th scale and four in 1/16th scale. These last ones were about eleven feet long and featured a complete cutaway fuselage to show the interior. On the other end of the scale, tens of thousands of four-inch plastic models were produced to be used as give-aways to first-class passengers. A 1966 article stated that about 15,000 VC10 models in various scales were in circulation around the world.

Manufacturer Westway
Model Super VC10
Scale 1:24
Price n/a
Details Fibreglass and perspex scale model, Length 82"¯ (209cm), Wingspan 70"¯ (178cm)
Website Info / Examples

1/24 scale travel agent model with cutaway to show cabin.

Aidan Turner sent me these photos, showing his restored 1/24th scale Super VC10 model.
Photos A. Turner

This clip from the British Pathé© archives shows how Westway built their models, including the VC10s.
Copyright British Pathe©

The Aviation Megastore next to Schiphol Airport had this EAA Super VC10 model on display in their shop for many years.
Photo J. Hieminga

In 2019 it was sold to an American enthusiast, so it has now left The Netherlands.
Photo J. Hieminga

In contrast, these photos show a wooden display model with an almost toylike look. The finish and fitting for a stand at the bottom do indicate that it could have been created as a display model. Perhaps it was an early model, based on the early artist impressions of the VC10 design. If you know more about, please get in touch.

Photo F. Hopman

Photo F. Hopman

Photo F. Hopman

Another eyecatcher would be a wooden handcrafted (unpainted finish) model. The company Planecraft produces these, their website has more details.

Manufacturer Planecraft
Model VC10
Scale 1:54
Price £ 240,00
Details Chestnut model
Website Planecraft website
Website seems to have been removed

Wooden VC10 model from Planecraft.

The last option to have a really special VC10 model on your desktop is provided by Stellar Images, they create aircraft models from stained glass. I have been unable to find a photo of the VC10 model they produce, but their website provides plenty of examples of other aircraft types.

Manufacturer Stellar Images
Model VC10
Scale ? (length 25cm/10 inches)
Price $ 72,95
Details Stained glass model

Stellar Images Website
Website seems to have been removed


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