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VC10 Information - Magazines and Brochures

All right, I confess. I didn't figure out all this stuff by myself. So where did I get all this information from? Well, there are some good books for sale that I can recommend, also I used some other publications. The list below shows the magazines and brochures that I used. Sometimes these turn up on sites like Ebay or Abebooks if you'd like a copy for yourself.

No author is immune: errors do sometimes creep into books and articles. I have produced some erratums for some of the specifically VC10 oriented titles, which can be printed and added to your copy. One is available below, with others on the books page.

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Aviation & Space Magazine, September 1962, "VC10: The Biggest European Commercial Jetliner".


Aircraft Illustrated, October 1977, "The Royal Review of the Royal Air Force".  
Air Pictorial, November 1983, "MEA - Airline of the Lebanon".

Gnter G. Endres, Profile Book Ltd.


FlyPast, June 1984, "Falling Leaves".

C.J. Gray, Key Publishing Ltd.

Article available in 'Collected Articles' here.
The Putnam Aeronautical Review, Issue number one, May 1989, various articles.

Sir George Edwards and others, Conway Maritime Press Ltd.

The Putnam Aeronautical Review, Issue number two, July 1989, "VC10/Super VC10, Small fleet operators".

Dr. Norman Barfield, Conway Maritime Press Ltd.

Jets, winter 1999, "The Ultimate Tanker".

Jon Mynard, IPC Magazines Limited.


Airliner World, October 2000, "Vickers VC10 - The Queen of the Skies".

Key Publishing Ltd.

Air Enthusiast, March/April 2001, "Queen of the Skies".

Frank Prince, Key Publishing Ltd.

Airways, February 2003, "Her Majesty, Queen of Vickers - Flying in the VC10".

Andreas Rohde, Airways International Inc.

Aeroplane Monthly, September 2007, "Database VC10".

Barry Jones, Key Publishing Ltd.


Air International, May 2008, "Aircraft of the RAF part 2 - Vickers VC10".

Dave Willis, Key Publishing Ltd.


100 Great British Aircraft and Aviation Milestones, Autumn 2008, "Vickers VC10 - Functional Elegance"

Key Publishing Ltd.


Aeroplane Monthly, October 2010, Skywriters (e-mail/photo T. McGill)

Key Publishing Ltd.


FlyPast, January 2012, "Twice Married"

Ken Ellis, Key Publishing Ltd.


Airliner World, June 2012, "Golden Swan Song"

Gerry Sweet, Key Publishing Ltd.


Classic Aircraft, September 2012, "VC10 Golden Jubilee - VC10 Force"

Keith Gaskell, Key Publishing Ltd.


Airliner World, November 2012, The Centre Spread

Geoffrey Lee, Planefocus, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aeroplane Monthly, December 2012, "RAF 101 Squadron VC10 Formation Tribute"

Key Publishing Ltd.


Company Profile - Vickers 1911-1977, 2013.

Martyn Chorlton (red.), Key Publishing Ltd.
Available from Key Publishing.

Aviation News, Augustus 2013, "Tanking and Transport: The VC10 Way" and "Vickers' Hot Rod".

Paul E Eden and Bruce Hales-Dutton, Key Publishing Ltd.


FlyPast, August 2013, "VC10 joins Bruntingthorpe collection".

Dave Willis, Key Publishing Ltd.



Aviation Week, 23 September 2013, "U.K. Bids Farewell to VC10".

Tony Osborne, Penton Publishing.


AirForces Monthly, November 2013, "End of the Empire", "History of the 'Shiny Ten'"

Gary Parsons, Andrew Brookes, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aviation News, November 2013, "VC10 Farewell"

Key Publishing Ltd.


Flypast, December 2013, "VC10 bows out of service and makes final flight"

Steve Beebee, Adrian Balch, Key Publishing Ltd.


Air-Britain Aeromilitaria, Winter 2013 and Spring 2014 issues, "Vickers VC10 - 47 Years of RAF Service - Part 1: 1966-1988" and "Vickers VC10 - 47 Years of RAF Service - Part 2: 1989-2013".

John McCrickard, Air Britain.


VC10, The Story of a Classic Jet Airliner, March 2015.

Stephen Skinner, Key Publishing Ltd.

To print an erratum, click here to open the PDF.

More a magazine than a book, but you could argue that, so I have included it in both lists.

Available from Key Publishing. (Probably sold out as it is not listed in the shop anymore)

Available as a digital download from PocketMags

Aeroplane Monthly, May 2015, "RAFM VC10 dismantling progresses".

Key Publishing Ltd.


Jets, September/October 2015, "Bob's Road Trip".

Steve Bridgewater, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aviation News, January 2016, "VC10 on Display at Cosford" (news item) and "Speedbird VC10s".

Stephen Skinner, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aeroplane Monthly, May 2016, "Super VC10 nose transported to UAE" and "Grace, Space and Pace".

Bruce Hales-Dutton, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aeroplane Monthly, May 2017, "By Royal Appointment".

Ben Dunnell, Key Publishing Ltd.


BAE Systems, August 2017.

Stephen Skinner, Key Publishing Ltd.

VC10 is included in article on legacy Vickers products.

Available from Key Publishing.

Aeroplane Monthly, September 2017, "Turned up to 11" and "A Double Dose of VC-Tenderness".

Richard Payne and Bruce Hales-Dutton, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aviation News, September 2018, "Lions That Roared - British Caledonian VC10s".

Barry Lloyd, Key Publishing Ltd.


Aviation News, August 2020, "Three Nations, Four Engines - East African Airways VC10s".

Barry Lloyd, Key Publishing Ltd.


Super VC10

A reprint from the April 1965 issue of 'Aircraft Engineering' from Bunhill Publications and issued by BAC.

Super VC10 Supplement

A supplement to 'The Aeroplane and Commercial Aviation News' dated April 1, 1965.


VC10 Air-to-Air Refuelling tanker joins the Royal Air Force

A BAC issued brochure that tells the story of the K2 and K3 conversions.


Far East Commuter

A BAC brochure that features a reprint from a 'Flight International' article from 29 January 1970.

Available online in the FlightGlobal Archive

BAC Weybridge Division Visitor's Handbook

The 'Visitor's Handbook' for BAC Weybridge Division, issued in 1964.


Ferranti VC10 Autonav II system

A booklet about one of the proposed autonavigation suites that was tried out in the Super VC10.


BOAC VC10 Automatic Landing System

A booklet describing the new features on the VC10 that have been added for automatic landing, BOAC Flight Development, march 1968.


Into Category 2

A booklet providing background material about category 2 operations with large airliners. It is not specifically written about the Super VC10 but obviously it was the autoland capability of this airliner that enabled BOAC to operate down to these margins.


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