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VC10 Videos

Next to the page with books about VC10s I figured it was about time I also listed the various DVDs and other videos that are available. I've started out with a list of several DVDs that can still be bought but will add other stuff to this page when I find it. If you know of a title that should be listed here please get in touch.


Classic Wings - Vickers VC10

Avion Video

Click here for a full review This DVD is a must for all VC10 fans, it shows the complete story of the aircraft in period footage with sound and commentary. It has been on the market for a while now but still provides the best overview of the VC10's history.


Buy it direct from Avion Video

London Airport - Heathrow in the 1950s & 60s

Avion Video

Avion specialises in using restored period footage and in this video and the next one on this list it is used to show what Heathrow looked like when the VC10 was flying for BOAC and the other airlines. Both titles include segments with a VC10 in it but most of the time is devoted to other types. There is a downloadable factsheet on the Avion site which lists all the types on the DVD, see links on the right.


Buy it direct from Avion Video

London Airport - Heathrow in the 1960s & 70s

Avion Video

Click here for a full review


Buy it direct from Avion Video

Classic Airliner Collection No.3

Avion Video

In this collection of scenes showing various classic airliners, the main attraction for me is a segment of more than 16 minutes showing 10 Squadron's day to day operations including a return flight to Ascension Island by XV101 (on 2/3 July 1983). It was filmed during 1983 and 1984 as part of a longer documentary about the day to day work of 10 Squadron.


Buy it direct from Avion Video

RAF Vickers VC10 Vancouver visit 2011

Henry Tenby

In 2011 XV104 was in Canada and needed to have some maintenance carried out. It flew to Vancouver to have this done and local videographer and classic airliner enthusiast Henry Tenby shot a lot of footage of this short visit which he compiled into a 40 minute DVD. Keep an eye out for a future DVD from him about Brize Norton which will definitively also include VC10s!

Buy it from

BOAC: The Definitive Newsreel History 1939-1974

Strike Force Entertainment

On this DVD are the various Newsreel items that were produced about BOAC between 1939 and 1974. It includes several VC10 related items including a four minute special about the Super VC10 but also the contract signing for BOAC with Sir George talking about the design, the first flight of G-ARTA, route proving and first service flights and lots of other bits.

Look at Life in the 60s - Civil Aviation

Video 125

The Look at Life short documentaries from the Rank Organisation show various aspects of life, but on this DVD this includes one about building VC10s at Weybridge. In 10 minutes you will see the rollout of G-ASGC in its original BOAC colours and various shots around the factory site.


Buy it direct from Video 125

100 Years of Aviation at Brooklands

The Brooklands Museum

This is the updated version of the official Brooklands Aviation DVD, not to be confused with the old version below. It features additional footage including an interview with Sir George Edwards.


Buy it direct from The Brooklands Museum

Brooklands - The Birthplace of British Aviation

The Brooklands Museum

This is the original version of Aviation at Brooklands. It has been replaced by the version above but is still available through some internet sellers.

PBS American Experience - Hijacked

PBS American Experience

There is not an awful lot of VC10 footage on this DVD (very little to be honest), but it does tell the story of the hijackings in September 1970. There is a site to accompany the DVD, see link above.

Note: this may be a region 1 DVD!

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