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Classic Wings - Vickers VC10

A review of the latest release from Avion Video, now available from their website in DVD format.

The original cover art is shown above, now replaced by the version on the right

Following a long list of other renowned video releases, Surrey-based Avion Video have now released 'Classic Wings - Vickers VC10', their first effort at using restored archive cine film material and a very successful one if you ask me.

The video follows the VC10s pedigree from the earliest days of the V1000 design through to recent footage shot at Brize Norton of the RAF's VC10s practicing touch and go's. The early days of the VC10 are covered through many scenes showing various aspects of construction and testing. The restored BAC film used for this purpose is of good quality and immediately justifies the use of restored material, as it manages to show many aspects of the design and construction that are often overlooked when the story of an airliner needs to be told.

From testing the VC10, the story moves on to the aircraft built for BUA, and to the background behind the BOAC-Cunard transatlantic service. After this all the other operators of VC10s file past the camera, sometimes briefly shown, sometimes using up many minutes of tape with promotional footage and period material. The overall effect is wonderful! The complete story of orders and deliveries is told, including second owners and leases and many more aspects of the overall story. Because of the use of period material which is all of excellent quality the atmosphere of the video is such that the 'feel' of the times comes across vividly. The same is done with the RAF angle of the story. Delivery of the first C Mk.1 is shown, conversion and testing of the K2 and K3 tankers and footage of ZA141 at Farnborough. The only recent footage on the tape is that shot at - and on flights from - Brize Norton showing the tankers in their daily routine.

In between these sections many small gems can also be found: quite a few 'First flights' from the small Weybridge runway, but also the final landing of the Sultan of Oman's VC10 at Brooklands on this same runway. Interior shots of the VC10 in airline service, aircraft refuelling from 101 Sqn aircraft and much, much more. As promised on their website Avion Video delivers a video that tells the complete story without unnecessary commentary drowning out the actual action, but still they have managed to tell the full story of the aircraft.

The conclusion? This is a well produced video with a lot of probably rare footage showing almost every conceivable aspect of the VC10 along with its beautiful lines. A video that is a must for every VC10 fan.

Duration: 65 minutes
Price (DVD in PAL or NTSC format): 15,95 (not including postage & packing)
For more details (or to order) see the website at

Some still images taken from the video, more can be found in the photo gallery on the Avion video website
All images copyright Avion Video

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