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Sources of VC10 Information

All right, I confess. I didn't figure out all this stuff by myself. So where did I get all this information from? Well, there are some good books on sale that I can recommend, also I used some other publications. The list below features some books that don't directly cover the VC10 story but do provide background information on Vickers, BAC, airlines that operated the VC10 or its ill-fated pre-decessor: the Vickers 1000. Many of these publications are still available through Amazon either from their own stock or through marketplace sellers. Alternatively sites as Ebay or Abebooks may also provide a copy at a competitive price.

No author is immune: errors do sometimes creep into books. I have produced some erratums for some of the more recent titles, which can be printed and added to your copy. One is available for now, with more to follow.


Modern Civil Aircraft 1, Vickers VC10

Martin Hedley (1982), Ian Allen Ltd, ISBN 0 7110 1214 8

Silent, Swift, Superb: The Story of the Vickers VC10

Scott Henderson (1998), Scoval Publishing, ISBN 1902236025

The Incomparable Vickers VC10

Scott Henderson (2017), Scoval Publishing, ISBN 978 1 902236 15 5

Click here for a review of this book

Buy from Scoval Publishing

Vickers VC10

Lance Cole (2000), The Crowood Press, ISBN 1861262310

Vickers VC10: AEW, Pofflers and Other Unbuilt Variants: Project Tech Profile

Chris Gibson (2009), Blue Envoy Press, ISBN 0956195105

Vickers VC10 - Queen of the Sky

Peter R. Foster (2013),

Buy it now!

Vickers/BAC VC10 Owner's Workshop Manual

Keith Wilson (2016), Haynes Publishing, ISBN 978 0 85733 799 3

Click here for a review of this book.

To print an erratum, click here to open the PDF.

VC10 - Icon of the Skies

Lance Cole (2017), Pen and Sword books, ISBN 978 1 47387 532 6

Click here for a review of this book.

Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 & Vickers VC10

Stewart Wilson (1998), Aerospace Publications Pty Ltd, ISBN 1875671366

From Bouncing Bomb to Concorde, the authorized biography of Sir George Edwards

Robert Gardner (2006), Sutton Publishing Ltd, ISBN 978-0750943895

Test Pilot

Brian Trubshaw (1998), Sutton Publishing, ISBN 075092733

Vickers Aircraft since 1908

C.F. Andrews & E.B. Morgan (1988), Putnam, ISBN 0-85177-815-1

British Aircraft Corporation - A History

Charles Gardner (1981), B.T. Batsford Ltd, ISBN 0713438150

British Aircraft Corporation - A History

Stephen Skinner (2012), The Crowood Press Ltd., ISBN 978-1-84797-318-4

Of Comets and Queens: An Autobiography

Sir Basil Smallpeice (1981), Airlife Publishing, ISBN 0 906393 10 8

BOAC - An Illustrated History

Chris Woodley (2004), Tempus Publishing, ISBN 0752431617

Interesting book about the origins and routes of BOAC. Provides some background to the stories surrounding the VC10, and also scores some points with me by listing this site as a source of information!

Speedbird - The Complete History of BOAC

Robin Higham (2013), I.B. Tauris, ISBN 978-1-78076-462-7

A long awaited book that was commissioned in 1960 but not published until 2013.

The British Overseas Airways Corporation: A History

Graham M. Simons (2019), Pen and Sword, ISBN 978-1473883574

Wings Across The World - An Illustrated History of British Airways

Harald Penrose (1980), Cassell Ltd, ISBN 0304306975

British Airways: It's History, Aircraft and Liveries

Keith Gaskell (1999), The Crowood Press, ISBN 1840371420

Fly Me, I'm Freddie!

Roger Eglin and Berry Ritchie (1980), George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd., ISBN 0 297 77746 7

LAKER: The Glory Years of Sir Freddie Laker

Ania Grzesik and Gregory Dix (2019), Recursive Publishing, ISBN 978 0 0056486 09

The History of British Caledonian Airways

David Thaxter (2011), ISBN 978 0 9564043 2 9

Available through

East African - An Airline Story

Peter J. Davis (1994), Runnymede Malthouse Publishing, ISBN 0952304708

From Brooklands to Brize

Ian Macmillan & Richard King (2015), The 10 Squadron Association, ISBN 978 0 9934646 0 7

Available through 10 Squadron Association. or

Wings over Thurleigh

Bedford Aeronautical Heritage Group, Michael Dobson et al (2012), ISBN 0-9541594-0-3

Available through

Airlines & Airliners - VC10, Issue no. 2 - Summer 1993

Phil Lo Bao (1993), Aviation Data Centre.

Not available anymore, try Ebay or Abebooks

Airliners No.13 - BAC(Vickers) VC10

Jim Lucas (1976), Airline Publications & Sales Ltd, ISBN 090511714X

Not available anymore, try Ebay or Abebooks


Jim Lucas (1970), V.H.F. Supplies.

Not available anymore, try Ebay or Abebooks

Flying the VC10

B.J. Hurren (1964), Wolfe Publishing Ltd.

Not available anymore, try Ebay or Abebooks

With My Head In The Clouds (part 1)

Gwyn Mullet (2013), Consilience Media, ISBN 978-0992643324

For part 2, click here (no VC10s but more about Gwyn's BA career).

British Airliner Prototypes since 1945

Stephen Skinner (2008), Midland Publishing, ISBN 978-1857802993

Although obviously covering more than just the VC10, this book includes 9 pages about G-ARTA and G-ASGA. The book is lavishly illustrated with many full page colour photos.

Wisley - The story of Vickers' own airfield

Stephen Skinner (2005), GMS Enterprises, ISBN 978-1904514305

This small booklet describes the history and siginificant events that took place at Wisley, Vickers' own flight test center.

Project Canceled - The disaster of Britain's abandoned aircraft projects

Derek Wood (1986), Jane's Publishing, ISBN 0-7106-0441-6

As with the book below, this one is interesting for its coverage of the V.1000/VC7 project.

Stuck on the Drawing Board - Unbuilt British Commercial Aircraft since 1945

Richard Payne (2004), Tempus Publishing, ISBN 0752431722

There is not much in here about the VC10 itself but the book does include the unbuilt models from the V1000 to the VC10, the VC11 and the unbuilt Super-Super VC10.

MEA - Airline of the Lebanon, Airline History no. 62, November 1983 issue.

Gnter G. Endres, Profile Book Ltd.

The Putnam Aeronautical Review, Issue number one, May 1989, various articles

Sir George Edwards and others, Conway Maritime Press Ltd.

The Putnam Aeronautical Review, Issue number two, July 1989, "VC10/Super VC10, Small fleet operators"

Dr. Norman Barfield, Conway Maritime Press Ltd.

Jets, winter 1999, "The Ultimate Tanker"

Jon Mynard, IPC Magazines Limited

Air Enthusiast, March/April 2001, "Queen of the Skies"

Frank Prince, Key Publishing Ltd.

Airways, February 2003, "Her Majesty, Queen of Vickers - Flying in the VC10"

Andreas Rohde, Airways International I nc.

Aeroplane Monthly, September 2007, "Database VC10"

Barry Jones, Key Publishing Ltd.


VC10, The Story of a Classic Jet Airliner, March 2015

Stephen Skinner, Key Publishing Ltd.

Available from Key Publishing.

Super VC10

A reprint from the April 1965 issue of 'Aircraft Engineering' from Bunhill Publications and issued by BAC.

Super VC10 Supplement

A supplement to 'The Aeroplane and Commercial Aviation News' dated April 1, 1965.


VC10 Air-to-Air Refuelling tanker joins the Royal Air Force

A BAC issued brochure that tells the story of the K2 and K3 conversions.


Far East Commuter

A BAC brochure that features a reprint from a 'Flight International' article from 29 January 1970.

Available online in the FlightGlobal Archive

BAC Weybridge Division Visitor's Handbook

The 'Visitor's Handbook' for BAC Weybridge Division, issued in 1964.


Ferranti VC10 Autonav II system

A booklet about one of the proposed autonavigation suites that was tried out in the Super VC10.


BOAC VC10 Automatic Landing System

A booklet describing the new features on the VC10 that have been added for automatic landing, BOAC Flight Development, march 1968.


Into Category 2

A booklet providing background material about category 2 operations with large airliners. It is not specifically written about the Super VC10 but obviously it was the autoland capability of this airliner that enabled BOAC to operate down to these margins.


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