Vickers Super VC10 Simulation


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Abacus Systems Ltd are proud to announce the release of their Vickers Super VC10 simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004. The only VC10 simulation to include a highly detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit. It also has a bright, detailed 2D panel with all around views, a beautiful exterior model and great flight dynamics. There is also a fully functioning Autopilot with autoland. With 9 months of work put into it we are sure you will agree that this detailed aircraft is a delight to fly both IFR and VFR with its huge windows giving great visibility. The simulation comes with BOAC and British Airways liveries and also an RAF K3/K4 version with deployable hoses. Other liveries including East African will be available by free download.  If you love realistic models with clear bright cockpits then you will love our Super VC10 simulation!

The real VC10 was an extraordinary aircraft - well beyond its year of 1962. It was the last large aircraft to be designed and built completely by Great Britain and was a milestone in aviation history. With its huge cockpit, big windows, sprightly performance and almost silent cabin it was very popular with pilots and passengers. Of the 54 built 19 of these aircraft are still in use today by the Royal Air Force as in-flight refuellers and VIP transports. It contained many innovative features which defined the future of aviation from its clean wing design to its hugely powerful  rear mounted Rolls Royce Conway bypass turbofan engines and autopilot systems including autoland. One of the Best of British. We believe our simulation lives up to that legacy.

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For every sale we are donating One Euro to the Brooklands Museum to aid them in their acquisition of Concorde G-BBDG