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C/n 801/2 - Test Specimen
C/n 803 - G-ARTA
C/n 804 - G-ARVA - 5N-ABD
C/n 805 - G-ARVB
C/n 806 - G-ARVC - ZA144
C/n 807 - G-ARVE
C/n 808 - G-ARVF
C/n 809 - G-ARVG - ZA141
C/n 810 - G-ARVH
C/n 811 - G-ARVI - ZA142
C/n 812 - G-ARVJ - ZD493
C/n 813 - G-ARVK - ZA143
C/n 814 - G-ARVL - ZA140
C/n 815 - G-ARVM
C/n 819 - G-ASIW - 7Q-YKH
C/n 820 - G-ASIX - A4O-AB
C/n 823 - 9G-ABO
C/n 824 - 9G-ABP
C/n 825 - G-ATDJ - XX914
C/n 826 - XR806
C/n 827 - XR807
C/n 828 - XR808
C/n 829 - XR809
C/n 830 - XR810
C/n 831 - XV101
C/n 832 - XV102
C/n 833 - XV103
C/n 834 - XV104
C/n 835 - XV105
C/n 836 - XV106
C/n 837 - XV107
C/n 838 - XV108
C/n 839 - XV109
C/n 851 - G-ASGA - ZD230
C/n 853 - G-ASGC
C/n 863 - G-ASGM - ZD241
C/n 881 - 5X-UVA
C/n 882 - 5H-MMT - ZA147
C/n 883 - 5Y-ADA - ZA148
C/n 884 - 5X-UVJ - ZA149
C/n 885 - 5H-MOG - ZA150

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C/n 883 - 5X-UVJ - ZA149



19 April 1969

First flight from Brooklands to Wisley.
30 April 1969 Delivery to EAA as 5X-UVJ, registered in Uganda. Aircraft left London in the evening for Nairobi.
31 July 1969 Modified with a special compartment in the cargo area for Pope Paul VI. Carried the Pope from Rome to Entebbe on the first visit to Africa of a reigning pontiff. Crewed by Captain G. Mitchell, Captain Ian Ainscow, F/O David Dempster, Flight Navigator D.J. Griffiths, E/O Tim Nightingale.
2 August 1969 Carried Pope Paul VI back to Rome from Entebbe.
19 August 1970 During a night flight from Entebbe to Frankfurt a cat walked out from behind the Flight engineers panel. A search at Frankfurt and later at London did not reveal its whereabouts at first but when it was found it was thought that it had been living in the aircraft for some two weeks.
7 July 1973 The Super VC10 was chartered to fly 110 members of the Peace Corps from London Gatwick to Bujumbara, Zaire. After an intermediate stop and departure at Entebbe the aircraft was ordered to return to Entebbe by Idi Amin. After 27 hours on the ground the aircraft and crew were allowed to leave for Nairobi, without the passengers.
7 July 1974 After a night flight to Frankfurt from Nairobi the no.4 engine was damaged by a catering truck which was lodged underneath it. After parking it at a different spot a set of steps was also towed into the left wingtip. After some patching a three engined ferry to London followed where the damage was repaired.
28 January 1977 VC10s parked up at Embakasi airport upon collapse of EAA.
26 July 1977 Ferried to Filton from Nairobi by Captain Eddie MacNamara, BAC Pilot John Cochran, N/O Claude Scott, F/E Denis Akery and supernumerary F/E Alan Hayward.
30 September 1978 Sold to RAF for conversion to tanker.
25 March 1985 First flight from Filton as a K3 tanker.
14 May 1985 Delivery to 101 Squadron as ZA149, letter 'H' on the fin.
21 January 1987 First air-to-air refuelling of a full passenger aircraft when fuel was offloaded to a 10 Squadron VC10 C1 carrying 129 troops of the 5th airborne brigade to Oman.
13 March 1991 Returned to RAF Brize Norton in formation with ZA141, ZA142 and ZA143 after 101 Squadron's detachment to Riyadh.
5 July 1994 Left for Chateauroux, France for a repaint. Returning in all over blue-grey with a light blue 'go-faster' stripe and white Royal Air Force titling, the scheme was not approved by 101 Squadron personnel.
August 1995 Flown to Waterkloof, South Africa, by Wing Commander Ollis for the first joint RAF/SAAF AAR training exercise.
January 2001 Name 'Edward Mannock VC' transferred due to retirement of XV103.
February 2011 Flown to Toulouse for Airbus A400M AAR trials. Only dry contacts were made.
February 2012 Name 'James Nicolson VC' transferred due to retirement of XV107.
18 March 2013 Final flight. Flew from RAF Brize Norton to Bruntingthorpe, landing after several gear up passes and one low approach at 13:30.
23 March 2016 After conversion into a Gulf Air scheme and interior, the forward fuselage of ZA149 leaves Bruntingthorpe for a long sea and road journey to the Al Mahatta museum in Sharjah, UAE.
30 April 2016 Front fuselage is unloaded at Khor Fakkan and is driven to the Al Mahatta museum overnight.
26 May 2016 Installation at the museum is finished, all the building work is complete and the VC10 is ready to receive visitors.


Photo T. Russell

Photo S. Fitzgerald

Photo Gareth Horne

1. 5X-UVJ being prepared for a flight in 1975.
2. On this photo a steady can be seen beneath the tail to prevent the aircraft from tipping back.
3. 5X-UVJ in the North pen of TBA at Heathrow, having just been fitted with a fifth engine pod.
4. After conversion to a K3 tanker, the VC10 was repainted in 101 Squadron's hemp colourscheme. The aircraft is shown here with two Tornados during a flypast at what was then (in 1990) RAF Finningley.

Photo Crown Copyright / RAF Brize Norton

Photo Crown Copyright / RAF Brize Norton

Photo M. Franks

Photo Alan Kelly, AirForces Monthly

1. ZA149 in the very short-lived 'modern' scheme. As the crews were not a fan of this scheme it was quickly changed to the overall grey version.
2. In comparison, this air-to-air photo shows the changed scheme. The white titling was changed to dark grey and the blue cheatline became grey as well.
3. ZA149 seen from another VC10 during a formation flight.
4. Upon arriving at Bruntingthorpe, ZA149 performed several flypasts before landing.

Photo C. Sandham-Bailey

Photo J. Hieminga

Photo J. Hieminga

Photo J. Hieminga

1. Final landing of K3 ZA149.
2-3. June 2015: The front fuselage of ZA149 being repainted into Gulf Air colours for the Al Mahatta museum in Sharjah, UAE.
4. By March 2016 the long conversion has been finished and ZA149 is complete in the Gulf Air 'Golden Falcon' scheme.

Photo W. Rodwell

Photo M. Slater

Photo M. Slater

Photo M. Slater

1. Wayne Rodwell spotted ZA149 as it was being transported through Southampton on its way to the UAE.
2-3. ZA149 after unloading at the Khor Fakkan port and being lifted onto the trailer for the journey to Sharjah.
4. The front fuselage installed against the outer wall of the museum.

Photo M. Slater

Photo M. Slater

Photo M. Slater

Photo M. Slater

1. From the inside the custom window that fits against the fuselage, and the walkway allowing entrance to the VC10 can be seen.
2. Looking into the museum building from the inside of the VC10, showing a DC-3, Dove, Heron and Anson.
3. The Heron has been pulled forward temporarily to allow the VC10 and the surrounding windows to be installed. The resident Comet nose is also visible.
4. Walking into the museum, the VC10 is hard to miss.


This Pathe News special shows Pope Paul VI arriving in Uganda on board 5X-UVJ


EAA White fuselage top, grey tailplane and fuselage bottom. Four colour cheatline in black, red, yellow and green, broadening towards the rear. Sun logo on white fin with flags of three EAA parter nations, country of registration at top. East African in light blue above windows.
RAF First RAF 101 Sqn 'Hemp' scheme. Grey undersides with hemp colours on top and fuselage sides. Toned down markings and large letter on fin.
RAF All over blue-grey scheme with large light-blue lightning flash down the side of the fuselage. White titles, toned down roundels and fin flashes, code letter on fin.
RAF All over grey scheme with large lightning flash down the side of the fuselage. Toned down roundels and fin flashes, code letter on fin. In later years the cockpit area and fuselage spine were painted with a different, lighter coloured, undercoat, to lower the temperature inside.

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